22 July 2016

Kasper Bjørke - Cloud 9

I'm living
and it's got nothing to do with you
even though you're alive too.
I'm stepping away from this
and nothing that you can do about it, Babe.
Jump on to that big cloud nine
I can see the sun high through...

I'm moving on.
I've got some place I'd rather be, better than here...

What you're gonna do now that you are through?
You have to move on and forget what you knew.


Anonymous said...

Great tune! Maybe one correction: I'd say first line is "I'm leaving..."

biB said...

I was in doubt but the third line made me choose "living". I think it can work in both cases, just with different shades. It was nice having you on the sofa, I hope to see you again, next time with a name, maybe ;)

Ico said...

Hi biB,

guess there's no right or wrong here.
Here’s one more pro my interpretation: "Stepping away" and later "babe" shows that there's (was?) some kinda relationship between the protagonist and the person the song's adressed to. Sad to say but that’s exactly the state I'm currently in: Sometimes someone's leaving his partner/friend/companion for a reason that can't be found between them. Sometimes i'ts just bout moving on only for yourself (or someone else that’s not involved in that relation). On the other side the leaving one feels sorry to leave his/her partner behind (or alone) and kinda tries to "help" him/her with some motivating phrases to raise head and watch out for (a new?) “Cloud 9” (although there’s a fair chance that it’ll be misinterpreted as being not meant honestly). Sad fact though: “…and nothing that you can do about it” (Although I’m not sure bout this part while we all don’t know how (and if) lives goes on. Dunno if that makes sense to you. Feedback highly appreciated.