28 October 2015

Barotti - She Might

Magic, organic soundscapes.
Electronic and symphonic parts.
Classical orchestra and rare vintage synthesizers.
Low voice and mystic atmospheres.
Something difficult to describe: raw and glamorous at the same time.

17 October 2015

VYD - Rockets (Xinobi Remix)

Watch the crowd below sway.
Sky is almost grey.
We've drank everywhere, you wanna go home.

Know a place we'll escape,
with a strange landscape,
far away from here, we can dance alone.

No questions baby...
To the Moon.

14 October 2015

Lydmor & Bon Homme - Things We Do for Love

I love these guys, their voices, the wistful synthpop they make, how they dance, how they dress, how they look like.
And I love the disenchantment of their love.

07 October 2015

Wolf + Lamb - After We're Gone

Get around little ones,
Papa is gonna say this once.
Silly names they come and they go,
all that really matters is how you flow.
And long after we're gone,
for generations to come,
they will put this record on
and keep on dancing.

06 October 2015

Morgan Hammer - Arrogant Bastard

A track that goes straight to the point, just in case.

03 October 2015

The Juan Maclean - Here I Am (Wolfram Remix Edit)

After a lifetime of sleepless nights, wondering about the meaning of pan flute in music, this dark, synthetic, sick version of it finally gives me the answer.

01 October 2015

Hotlane - My Favourite Habit (Nils Penner & Youbi Deinas Remix)

I've been listening to this track twice a day (or more) for three months and I don't think I will quit doing it in the next three...