31 March 2015

Sofive - Ep.2 Ecstatic

A couch, five rhythms, an ecstatic way to dance.
Move your body, still your mind.

Kasper Bjørke - Heaven
Joakim - Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix)
Jennifer Cardini, David Shaw and The Beat - In The Ballroom (Original Mix)
Noir, Haze - Around (Solomun Vox Remix)
Playmode - Ultrasonic (Original Mix)
Gene Farris - Move Your Body (Original Mix)
Sneaky Sound System - You're Hot
Michoacan - Disco Sucks So Good (Dubka Remix)
Dellarge - Cocodrilo Celestial (Dan Solo Rmx)
Jacques Lu Cont - Reload
Mumbai Science - Lotus
The Japanese Popstars - Let Go
Oliver - MYB (Original Mix)
Brodinski feat. Louisahhh - Nobody Rules The Streets
Acid Washed & Theatre Of Delays - Crescendo Galore (Original Mix)
Vitalic - Poison Lips
Portishead - Roads (Cosmic Cowboys Edit)
John Talabot - When the Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Purple Remix)
Lane 8 - We Won't Know
Mercury feat. Robert Owens - Candlelight
Mario & Vidis feat. Giedre - Suspend The Feeling
Daft Punk - Within

26 March 2015

WhoMadeWho - Ember (Radio Edit)

If you say that you are free,
come out and be it here with me,
come out and be it here with me...

If you feel like having fun,
you can say no one till you've done time with me.

If we say nothing's going on,
we can be walking in the sun,
we could be walking in the sun,
like an ember growing to a flame.
You could be living in the same hole as me...

18 March 2015

Theatre Of Delays - Two Souls

Two souls one body. It’s rare but it happens. It happened to us.
It took a long time before we realized it, there was no problem until we were kids and others made choices and took decisions for us, and we could play for hours on our own without feeling alone.
We thought it was perfectly normal to have double thoughts and feelings but we were wrong.
You can't love chocolate and hate it at the same time, it doesn't work like that...
So we went to the doctor, he told us that a choice had to be made, one of us had to go away to allow a normal life to the other.
We thought and talked and fought and cried a lot but we just couldn't make that damned choice...
"I take the night" she said at some point "you can have the day."
We still meet, now and then, in dreams or in music.

09 March 2015

Howling - Signs

I want you seek goodness inside,
I want your shadow cast aside,
I want you go to be in bloom,
I want you soar to make me new.

Give me signs, signs, signs...
Make me color blind.
Take my tide of bones.
Leave me signs, signs, signs...

I want you're beautiful to name,
I want your shadow instead staying,
I want you moonlit by the moon,
I want your heavy undertow.

Give me signs, signs, signs...
Make me color blind.
Take my tide of bones.
Leave me signs, signs, signs...

06 March 2015

Josef Salvat - Hustler (Solomun Remix)

It's not easy on my bed sheets. It's not easy on my nerves.
It's not easy on my conscience. It's not easy on my soul.
This is not what you wanted, what you wanted from me.
I know that much now. My apologies.
You would call me a harlot. You would call me a whore...
But see I'm a man now, I'm worth so much more.

But I've got the heart of a hustler, with a hustler's pain.
I've got the heart of a hustler, with all the hustler's shame.
I've got the body of a lover, with a masochists brain.
I've got the heart of a hustler, I'm playing a dangerous game.

The mind says: "No Sir."
But the body says: "Please!"
The heart stays silent... such a silent tease.
And I don't know why I'm telling you this...
Maybe I've gotta get it off my unholy chest.
There's a road once travelled, but one I haven't walked down yet and it calls my name.
It's a darker path and it calls my name.

02 March 2015

ATTAR! - LOVE (Original Mix)

It goes straight on for some way and then dips suddenly down, so suddenly that you have not the time to stop.
So you find yourself falling down a very deep well.
You fall very slowly, you have plenty of time, as you go down, to look about you, but it's too dark to see anything.