20 October 2014

Death In Vegas - Hands Around My Throat (SIMØNE Remix)

"I'm in your place, I see your face,
the air is cold, I'm still on hold,
I still can't tell what's been said..."

18 October 2014

Röyksopp feat. Ryan James - Sordid Affair

"There was a time, dark and divine,
Exciting and new, shameful untrue.
Free to explore we had it all.
Towering trust, insatiable lust..."

16 October 2014

Hubbabubbaklubb - Mopedbart

Mopedbart means "moped with a moustache" in Norwegian.
The guy who’s singing it wears a moustache and rides a moped.
He looks cool and easy while he is wandering aimlessly.
His song spreads bliss so infectiously that I think it can work even if you don’t have a moped to ride.
Try it sprawled on your sofa!
Just don’t forget the moustache.

07 October 2014

Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Theme (Over Sands Cover)

Retfa ytnewt evif sraey m’I gnimoc kcab... elihw uoy tiaw rof em no ruoy afos uoy nac niatretne ruoy srae htiw siht teews enut ;)

06 October 2014

Thomass Jackson - Smog City

This beat surrouds you, captivates you, penetrates you and there’s not much you can do to avoid it, so turn volume up, take clothes off and let the rhythm do its job.

03 October 2014

Caribou - Back Home (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

My first post on the move!
This track found me far from my sofa, at the station, waiting for the next train to catch.
Caribou's ethereal mood melted with the cinematic touch of Theatre Of Delays makes it the perfect soundtrack to travel with.
My train is here, let's back home.


02 October 2014

Cardini & Shaw - In the Ballroom

In the ballroom you can do anything you want.
In the ballroom you can be anything you want.
In the ballroom it doesn't matter who you are.

01 October 2014

Malvolia - Don Roberto (Original and Modulaire Remix)

Me gusta ver tus labios deslizarse,
el viento volando en tus pestañas.
Tu no sabes cuànto tiempo pasarà...

You moisten your lips,
the wind through your lashes.
You don't know how long it will take...