05 June 2014

Made In Heights - Murakami

"I hear the bells, I hear the wind, I hear a song in my heart again
and the tenderness moves all things like a poltergeist in the streets.

It's a silly rush that i used to get singing billy or reading Vonnegut,
I could teleport to the stars, kinda strange that im all alone.

Cause you really hold me down like that.
Cause you really know whats down like that.
Like the universe is singing a song.
Do you feel it when you write like that?
Do you feel it cause you're down like that?
Like the universe is singing a song.

Its just a story though. Is it story though?
I cant tell if it happened cause it felt impossible.
Don't know whether it was real or a dream, imagination playing tricks on me.
Now tell me what you know. Is this a story or an allegory for the racket knocking at my door?
What's the difference if its real or a dream?
Imagination playing tricks on me...

Whats the difference in my love or scheme? The difference in what you say and what you mean?
What you mean you don't really know.
I'm losing touch with the physical, I'm showing up in the future like I've been here before.
Ain't that a story though, like you don't even know.
Somebody switching the digits up on my casio, don't know whether this is real or a dream...
Imagination playing tricks on me..."

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