23 April 2014

Xinobi - Woods (Bufi Remix)

I feel blue.
Balance is lost.
I don’t know who I am.
I don’t know what I want.
I’m going to the woods for a while.

18 April 2014

S.R. Krebs - She Like + HiEM and Ewan Pearsons Remixes

"She likes to get down,
she gets the party started,
she takes her plains untainted right down into a groove
what she wants she'll get,
She'll dance all over your heart."

14 April 2014

Klaxons - Love Frequency (Tom Rowlands Remix) Radio Edit

Tune in to the right frequency and fall in love!
(Yes, there was a time where our hearts used to melt down to the sound of Chemical Brothers… I’m realizing now that maybe we were pretty far from anything romantic but, whoa, I think it’s happening again.)

12 April 2014

Chrome Sparks - Goddess

At the beginning they are overwhelmed.
Whatever I do their eyes sparkle, their hearts go crazy.
They bring me flowers and presents.
They sacrifice success and affection only to please me.
The more I mistreat them, the more they adore me.
They say they can't live without me. They cry, seeking for a caress of mine.
But they are unstable creatures and soon their devotion vanishes, their glances become dull, their hearts harden, it looks like they have no more memory of the bond they struggled so hard to create.
Sometimes though, some of them leave something before they go back to their human lives, they call it Music...

11 April 2014

Theatre Of Delays - Antipasto Misto

The mixed starter: something that doesn’t force you to make a choice and lets you free to wander through different flavours.

Theatre Of Delays’ Chef recommends this four-in-one Spring Dish consisting of:

- a fresh and unconventional Princess finely sketched by We Are Enfant Terrible

- the delicate grace of Ummagma’s Lama

- the sophisticated smoothness of Mont Royal and their Monster In Me

- and the rarefied but nevertheless intense Keep Loving Me by Go Astray

All of them remixed with skillful hand and astonishing sensitivity.
Taste and enjoy!

08 April 2014

Holy Ghost! - Bridge & Tunnel (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

I'm going back to a sick and lovely place.
I'm going, going back, right to the Bowery shake.
I'm going home, where fashion cuts the lines.(Cut the line, cut the line)
I'm going, going home, right to the Chinatown grind.(Get in the line)
Hurt me till the music ends, until it's 4 AM,
I think I like it tell me what about you?
Wear me like I'm on your wrist,
We'll hit the morning's fist,
I think I like it, I don't care if it's true.

Ahh, back to New York City. (True love)
Ahh, back to New York City. (True love)

I think I'm back to a lack of vacant space.
I think I'm finally back, and I do the after-hours shake.
I think I'm home, where we don't fall behind.
I think I'm finally home, t-t-to make up for lost time. (Get in the line)

Hurt me til the music stops, until it's 5 o'clock,
I think I like it tell me what about you?
Play me like I'm on a disc,
Clutched in the DJ's fist,
I think I like it, I don't care if it's true.

I think I'm home, where no one has the time.
I think I'm finally home, and I do the bridge and tunnel grind.

07 April 2014

ELECTROSEXUAL - Tempelhof (Original and David Carretta Remix)

Welcome to Tempelhof, a small town where nothing happens.
Well, maybe I’m a bit too severe, back in years we had a big thing here actually, kind of X-File with odd disappearances, alcoholic cops from capital city, media out of control and stuff…
To tell the truth I can’t remember how it ended, but if you want to know more about it I found this:

03 April 2014

aMinus - I Can Try Feat. Kaey (Original and Theatre Of Delays Remix)

I can try to be strong to sustain you, or I can swing a bit, to cuddle you.
I can be so soft that you will sink into me and i can be blue if you feel blue.
I can be something unique you can show off, or just the wasted one you rescued from the street…
In the end though, I’m just a place where to lean your butt.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
And nothing will change that.

01 April 2014

GusGus - Crossfade

Do you remember the day
I remember
When we started to crossfade
When we started to crossfade
Our melodies layed
When we started to crossfade
On a muddiest soundscape
Into each other