31 March 2014

Dubka - Deathwish

work all night
sleep all day
we'll soon be
we'll soon be
so far away

up all night
at your head
we'll soon be
we'll soon be
we'll soon be dead

if we don't need it just leave it behind

25 March 2014

Emeron & Fox - Windup (Original Mix)

I get this tiny music box from the future.
I wind up its clockwork soul.
It seems alive for a while.
And so do I.

24 March 2014

Nancy Whang & Audiojack - Like An Eagle (Dennis Parker Cover)

"...Like an eagle
always hungry
always wanting
night flight
never fortune
I soar, for more
I fly..."

23 March 2014

Flyte - We Are The Rain

'cause we are the rain
a love that sorrow maintains
across our endless plain
we are the rain

'cause we are the rain
over and over and over again
without pleasure, without pain
we are the rain

and I'm never ever ever
going to let you go...

21 March 2014

Shit Robot - We Got A Love (Feat. Reggie Watts)

May this bubbly falsetto and this late-eighties / early-nineties piano trot along with you through this first friday night of springtime !

20 March 2014

The Knocks feat. X Ambassadors - Comfortable (Original and The Twelves Remix)

Don't let the title deceive you, there's nothing comfortable in this track, not even the couch immortalized in its porn-not-porn video. Torrid funkiness, precious underwear, not safe for anywhere.

19 March 2014

Sofive - One Couch, Five Tracks, A Story - Ep. 1: Bloomin' Night

He has been working in the studio for the last five hours, for it works like that: the idea can catch you anytime, and believe me, it is better not to ignore it…
So he left the guys in the livingroom with their zombie movie and he sat to his "magic table", the place where everyday life is not admitted, and you can follow a vision after another and let them speak through music.
But now (it’s 3.00 AM) he has come to a standstill, something cut the flow, no way to find that tricky chord...
Milk, cookies, couch.
Damn… the new girl is on the couch, what’s her name… Deedee, Lili…
He doesn’t feel like chatting in this moment, dozens of possible chords are playing simultaneously in his mind and he’s trying to come out of that messy labyrinth…
She barely glances at him, she clears some space to make him sit and says just a lazy:
“I’m making a new track, but I’m stuck now…”
No reply.
She goes on writing on her notebook, a hair lock partially hides her profile, she holds the pen in a strange way but her hand moves fast, filling the white with a string of words.
Or better a soft noise of cookies and jaws, ink and paper.
“Shit, I’m stuck too.” She rips up the sheet.
“I’m sorry… I… I didn’t mean to…”
“It’s ok.” She puts the hair lock behind her ear.
“Not your fault.” She gives a hint of a smile.
“It’s only a matter of time… we both only have to wait now.” She gently bites her pen.
“Have a cookie, maybe it could help”
“Thank you.”
He changes his mind, he would like to talk now, he would like to share that special condition you undergo when inspiration touches you and then hides and you keep on chasing it. And you feel so warm and confused and your cheeks are red and a soft tingling pervades you.
He’s sure she can understand, but he’s not able to break the silence, or better that soft noise of cookies and jaws.
“Wanna make me hear your stuff?” She removes a crumb of cookie from her breast.
“Sure.” Well he’s not sure at all, no one can sit at the "magic table" besides him, anyway, too late.
She sits on the bed hugging her knees.
He sits at his desk and pushes the play button.
They wear huge headphones.
No eye contact, just a kind of proximity in music.
“It sounds better with you.”
“Thanks.” She smiles. “It’s beautiful. I like it very much.”
She looks at him for the first time, her eyes are deep and liquid.
He falls in that gaze, he sinks into something thick and sweet, he knows that there’s no way back.

4.00 AM
A boy and a girl in a room.
She is sitting on the bed.
He is telling her somethin about inspiration.

12 March 2014

Plastique De RĂªve - Waiting For Tonight

Tonight you’ll finally eat your favourite meal.
Or you will touch her skin again after long long time.
Or maybe you will watch the season finale of the ultimate tv show, or just have an unforgettable bubble bath after one of those days.
Tonight he will apologize and you two will kiss and make up and I will effectively learn the trick I’ve been trying for weeks… but until then, we all have to wait.

11 March 2014

Soldout - Wazabi (Original and Kolombo Remix)

A captivating rhythm and some interesting effect on the vocals for this catchy catchy catchy tune, smoothened and made bouncy by an irresistible remix.

08 March 2014

Metronomy - Love Letters (Original and Soulwax Remix)

"From far across the sea they fly from you to me,
but still I get no sleep...
Oh, my love, don't be mad,
'cause I'll keep on writing love letters
I'll keep on writing love letters
I'll keep on writing love letters
I'll keep on writing love letters..."

07 March 2014

Tei Shi - Nevermind The End

"Take me away from here,
somewhere we can just disappear.
I'll be your morning light
if you wanna be my ride tonight..."

06 March 2014

The Juan Maclean feat. Nancy Whang - Get Down (With My Love)

Love declarations: ever made one?
Yes, because sometimes it seems that things and feelings just can’t keep the same pace and you feel trapped into a kind of mexican standoff.
There are many ways (more or less dangerous) to disembarrass yourself, this one could work pretty good on a dancefloor I guess...

04 March 2014

Pure Sofa Season Two

In this season feelings, pretty clear and well defined at the start, melt into a deep and smooth dream, leading maybe to some kind of happy end...

Flume feat.Isabella Manfredi - The Greatest View
Tomas Barfod feat.Eddie Chacon - Happy
Wild Belle - Its Too Late (Employee Of The Year Remix)
Lane 8 - We Won't Know
HVOB - Jack (Original Mix)
Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)
Heart Of Glass (Oliver & Thee Mike B Remix)
CoMa - My Orbit (Single Edit)
Foals - Late Night (Solomun Remix)
Alien Alien - Monday (Original)
Theatre Of Delays - After Hours
BotOx - Blue Steel