31 December 2013

Röyksopp - Twenty Thirteen feat. Jamie Irrepressible

"Twenty Thirteen, oh what a night we had!
Memories we shared will live on and on and on
and on and on and on and on..."

30 December 2013

Thief - Broken Boy

"And I'd take back the things I've done,
but I'm just a broken boy.

And I hate all that I've become,
'cause I'm just a broken boy."

23 December 2013

Theatre Of Delays - Electric Souls EP

Did you ever get an electric shock while you kissed someone on the lips?
Don't trust the geek that tries to explain the event with physics, or the drama queen that immediately talks of true love.
The sparkle that stings your lips as you touch his/hers, is the sign that your electric souls have finally met.
The first EP of Theatre Of Delays tells us a story about that sparkle:
Electric Souls is a lazy walk with a special friend in the golden light of a winter sunset, jokes, smiles, a goodbye kiss, maybe…

Superlover Remix moves the whole situation on the dancefloor: naughty mutual glances, a drink together, Hustle Dance attempts...

Bonsai Symphony encapsulates, in not even 4 minutes, all the movements and the twists you can find in a regular size symphony.
A warm retro sound harmonizes a mellow, almost jazzy melody, with a definitely electronic and exuberant rhythm.
The result is just as refined and surprising as those lovely miniaturized trees can be.

Acid Washed Remix disassembles piece by piece the delicate machinery, putting it back together in a hot perturbing tone.

14 December 2013

The Swiss - Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid Remix)

And now a piece of advice before your night out:

Sprawling all over the sofa is considered ungraceful. WRONG.

One partner should sit on arm of the sofa and the other should hold her/him firmly but lightly. RIGHT.

Have fun.

10 December 2013

The 2 Bears - Take A Look Around

A carefree invitation to dance with synthetic marimba and cowbell on the top.
You can dance if you want to, you can dream if you want to, you can leave if you want to...

Photo by Olaf Martens

09 December 2013

Flight Facilities - Stand Still (feat. Micky Green) and Remixes

I love you and I always will
I wish you didn't
stand still.
Sometimes I cannot
stand your fear,
if I didn't love you
I wouldn't be here.

Don't be a fool
and play it too cool,
so cool that you can't see
how much you mean to me.

Photo by Lina Scheynius