30 October 2013

So Fall...

Daft Punk - Within
Woolfy vs. Projections - Set Me Loose (Lexx Remix)
Moullinex - Darkest Night (Xinobi Remix)
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (12" Version)
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (G.Vump Remix)
Who Made Who - Running Man (Pilooski Mix)
Jay-Jay Johanson - I Want Some Fun
Theatre Of Delays - Black Ballet
Martin Brodin - Strings Attack
Tristesse Contemporaine - Hell Is Other People (Original Mix)
Bot'Ox - The Face of Another (Original Mix)

25 October 2013

The Crystal Ark - Rain (XXXtended Version)

This track is made for walking (and the video confirms it).
Yes, you can also dance it, but I just tested it as a psychological support during a city walk in a foggy day.
Its urban boogie fit perfectly with my pace and those tropical inserts, at some point, made me smile.

18 October 2013

Theatre Of Delays - Black Ballet

This track is an ascending spiral, its never ending arpeggio will take you higher and higher, and when you think you are falling, it will catch you and keep on climbing.
Despite of its name it isn’t dark but no doubt it is a dance, a kind of modern sufi whirling meditation.

Picture from Oskar Schlemmer's Bauhaus Triadic Ballet

14 October 2013

Munk feat. Mona Lazette - The Beat (Single Version and Kolombo Remix)

Another boring evening on the sofa?
No panic!
Mr. Munk is here to solve your problem with one of the catchiest tunes he released for a long time.
Come on! Get up and move your butt!
(Yes, pajama and socks is ok...
Yes, you can do it very slowly...
No, you can’t dance and eat cookies at the same time.

07 October 2013

Escort - Cabaret (Original and Little Boots Remix)

We knew it was a lie, the red on my lips, the pink on my cheeks, the shape of my chest, the length of my legs, the smile on my face, the spark on my eyes, the promises in your voice, the gold on your wrist, the green in your pocket, the warm in your heart…

We knew it was a lie but we played it and it was ok… sometimes a farce is the best you can get.

02 October 2013

Bot'Ox - The Face of Another EP

...and nothing can tear you
from changing your mind,
you gotta get in, fighting within your soul,
but we can begin now what will be hard
and wait for the morning to confess...

lights on and lights out it's all in timing,
everyone is working on your case,
everything is loud when you're not listening
and discard you're just another face...