31 March 2013

Club 303 - Holy Acid

Happy Easter.

30 March 2013

Mohear Weird Knitted Suit(e)

Everyone has lived, at least once, that moment (of the day, of the month, of the year) in which anything is just “too much”. Here’s a practical hand-knitted solution that you can do by yourself.
It provides the right degree of isolation from external interferences while guaranteeing an utmost discretion about whatever you feel like doing inside it.

Materials: 1 circular needle size 4 ½ mm, 2 kg Mohair Wool Pink-Punk Nuance.
Instructions: sit on the sofa and start knitting from your feet (it will be a bit uncomfy at the start), go on until your head and face are covered, remember to leave a hole to breathe.
Estimated Time for Fulfillment: 3 years.

29 March 2013

Neon Workout - Discotheque

An orchestra hit, is a synthesizer sound created through the layering of the sounds of a number of different orchestral instruments playing a single staccato note or chord, and I like it so much! It comes suddenly and it lasts very short, but after it, everything seems more important, like after you got a slap in the face.
The opposite of orchestra hit is the clap-clap sound: it is very predictable and makes everything look easier, like a kiss on the cheek.
The combo of the two (orchestra hit and clap-clap but also slap and kiss) could be the real fun! ;)

23 March 2013

Itchy in Orbit

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe:
weird creatures that the minute before are totally absorbed by the fight against whatever is possibly encamping on their fluffy bottom, and that the minute after are floating in orbit, watching everything from the distance, like half asleep divinities...

15 March 2013

Theatre Of Delays - Shine

Hello my name is Shine I’m all black and i come from the Retrofuture.
You know all the stuff they imagined about the future in the past? (space travels, unwearable silver clothes, flying thingamabobs...) I come exactly from there.
Obviously I have a superpower... I’m a telepathist, but I don’t bring home the bacon with that... It’s a quite unlucky superpower actually, painfully useless most of the times...
So I know what are you thinking now, besides all the porn-food-pain-in-the-ass-daily-stuff you are wondering why they have called me Shine if I’m all black. Good question, thank you, and perfect timing!
Look at me in the picture above, I’m at work... no, I’m not a model, look at me carefully... i’m so deeply black that... it’s me that makes things SHINE!

14 March 2013

Jack in the Labyrinth

Jack: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...?”
Stanley: “Yes man! He keeps on typing it, over and over... He’s totally nuts dude, you know what I mean?
Jack: “Oh yes...I’m having an insight right now dude...”
Stanley: “Then his wife arrives, she reads that shit and she literally freaks out and...”
Jack: “And the fun begins! … I guess...”
Stanley: “Exactly!”
Jack: “But... what about the labyrinth?”

04 March 2013

SymbolOne - Pink Elephant

Did you know that the phrase "seeing pink elephants" is an euphemism for drunken hallucination?
And did you know that the misterious artist named Banksy painted a real elephant in 2006?