22 February 2013

Moullinex - Darkest Night (Official Video and Xinobi Remix)

At the foot of the bed the shadow kept on whispering the same thing.
That’s what she used to do.
She appeared in the middle of the night, she grasped my right big toe with her tapered fingers and, after she had waken me up, she chanted her thing, over and over again.
I remember that the first time I saw her my blood froze and my heart halted.
She showed up every night and i was loosing my sleep, my health, my smile.
Every morning i tried to remember what she had been saying all night long, with no chance.
Maybe it was an important message, maybe if I remembered it, she would be gone.
But no way: no memory, no sleep.
I was getting paler and paler, I had lost my appetite, my job, my social life.
So I gave up.
I would never be able to remember her words and even if I succeeded I would not have understood...”so fuck you haunting shadow, I'm done with those bullshits!”
She never returned.
I regained my sleep, my health, my smile, my life.
A new love, a new job but... still... in the darkest night, I found myself missing her...

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