30 January 2013

Coma - Hoooooray

What happens if you pay attention on what people don’t say rather than what they declare and you focus on the details hidden beyond the flashy surface?
The world, magicly, doubles.
What do we have here, a song, "Hoooooray" and a girl all in pink that is shouting it out (probably), making also the gesture.
Now look at the girl more carefully, go over the pink and the raised arms, look at her eyes, look at her mouth... they are way too open to be sincere. There's not a smile on her face but a wince, no happiness in her eyes but a spark of fear...
Let's listen to the song now:

What do you hear?

26 January 2013

Easy M - Sleepless Weekends (and stuff...)

From Russia with... debauchery here’s a trilogy for your weekend: wise and wasted, sweet and hopeless, mocking with resignation.

24 January 2013

Woolfy vs Projections - Set Me Loose (Original and Remixes)

The secret of a long-lasting love ? (Come on, nobody believes in eternal stuff these days!)
Well it lies on your couch, it's probably half hidden among cushions, it’s warm, soft, a little stinky and it sounds more or less like this:

23 January 2013

Yan Wagner - Changed (Original and Remixes)

Image from “Il Gattopardo” by Luchino Visconti (1963)

“Everything must change in order to remain the same.”
He said trying to impress her. Maybe he did, just a bit, he sounded so fatalist and experienced...
It was actually a quotation from an old italian movie he hadn’t watched even, the kind of thing that could mean all and nothing, that fits in every context, that makes a girl confused if you whisper it in her ear immediately before kissing her...

Here's the end of the story:

16 January 2013

Monarchy - Disintegration ft. Dita Von Teese

What’s inside the mind of a pin-up housewife?
Naked bodies that clutch and twitch, masked strangers, a tantalizing mosquito, a fire, an earthquake...
The whole thing strictly pastel.

14 January 2013


In my mind I escape 24 times a day, maybe more. Sometimes it makes me feel better, sometimes when I’m back I feel a little sad, sometimes I say to myself that it’s something I need, to keep a kind of balance.
You know, a journey can be quite hard if you are carrying a sofa and it’s so sweet if you can travel lying on it...
Here’s a pretty effective "sofa-trippy" tool.

10 January 2013

09 January 2013

Meketrefe - La Niña (and two Remixes)

When I first listened to this track with all those haunting vocals reminding ghost girls I thought it was something between creepy and mocking, you know latin macabre humor...
Then I got the lyrics:
"Se compran colchones, tambores, refrigeradores, estufas, lavadoras, microondas o algo de fierro viejo que vendan" means “We buy mattresses, boxes, refrigerators, heaters, washing machines, microwaves or any iron object you would like to sell.”
Quite disturbing, isn't it ?

07 January 2013

Jack Beats - Just A Beat

I don’t like reconsidering the past or making resolutions for the future.
The present is enough, even if it’s just a beat.