31 December 2013

Röyksopp - Twenty Thirteen feat. Jamie Irrepressible

"Twenty Thirteen, oh what a night we had!
Memories we shared will live on and on and on
and on and on and on and on..."

30 December 2013

Thief - Broken Boy

"And I'd take back the things I've done,
but I'm just a broken boy.

And I hate all that I've become,
'cause I'm just a broken boy."

23 December 2013

Theatre Of Delays - Electric Souls EP

Did you ever get an electric shock while you kissed someone on the lips?
Don't trust the geek that tries to explain the event with physics, or the drama queen that immediately talks of true love.
The sparkle that stings your lips as you touch his/hers, is the sign that your electric souls have finally met.
The first EP of Theatre Of Delays tells us a story about that sparkle:
Electric Souls is a lazy walk with a special friend in the golden light of a winter sunset, jokes, smiles, a goodbye kiss, maybe…

Superlover Remix moves the whole situation on the dancefloor: naughty mutual glances, a drink together, Hustle Dance attempts...

Bonsai Symphony encapsulates, in not even 4 minutes, all the movements and the twists you can find in a regular size symphony.
A warm retro sound harmonizes a mellow, almost jazzy melody, with a definitely electronic and exuberant rhythm.
The result is just as refined and surprising as those lovely miniaturized trees can be.

Acid Washed Remix disassembles piece by piece the delicate machinery, putting it back together in a hot perturbing tone.

14 December 2013

The Swiss - Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid Remix)

And now a piece of advice before your night out:

Sprawling all over the sofa is considered ungraceful. WRONG.

One partner should sit on arm of the sofa and the other should hold her/him firmly but lightly. RIGHT.

Have fun.

10 December 2013

The 2 Bears - Take A Look Around

A carefree invitation to dance with synthetic marimba and cowbell on the top.
You can dance if you want to, you can dream if you want to, you can leave if you want to...

Photo by Olaf Martens

09 December 2013

Flight Facilities - Stand Still (feat. Micky Green) and Remixes

I love you and I always will
I wish you didn't
stand still.
Sometimes I cannot
stand your fear,
if I didn't love you
I wouldn't be here.

Don't be a fool
and play it too cool,
so cool that you can't see
how much you mean to me.

Photo by Lina Scheynius

29 November 2013

Zero 7 - On My Own & Take Me Away

All I need now is a little time on my own, taken away by the long, mind-blowing outros of these two tracks, and a pair of polka dot stockings, obviously.

23 November 2013

The Mothership - Dreams (P. Lion)

This story is about alien abduction, or better, alien intrusion.
Not so long ago I was alone at home on a Sunday afternoon.
Suddenly I heard this noise coming from the living room, kind of a drum sound on the sly. I resorted to all my bravery, I opened the door and I saw them: they were standing around the table, totally absorbed in tinkering with some electronic devices, their mothership was parked behind my sofa (I still wonder how they made that trick), they wore headphones and they didn't even cast a glance at me...
I didn't know what to do so I did nothing.
They stayed for a month, feeding themselves with pizza, beer and cigarettes, then they disappeared leaving me this:

13 November 2013

Midnight Juggernauts - Systematic

When I grow up I want to be a cat (and play drums).

12 November 2013

Employee Of The Year - On My Own

A feeling of solitude and uncertainty takes the shape of little synthpop gems in the latest work of the parisian duo Employee Of The Year.
Concision and attention to details combine into a refined and evocative style that wraps the listener in a sweet bubble of smooth melancholy.

10 November 2013

Agnes Obel - Fuel To Fire (Xinobi Rework)

This song is like comfort food.
Something to make you feel warm and safe, that fills up your body while it empties your mind.
A voice sweet and fresh like vanilla ice cream on a beat soft and tempting like a chocolate cake.
Fuel to fire. Sugar to diabetes.

08 November 2013

Flume - The Greatest View (feat. Isabella Manfredi)

And the little crack I noticed on the ceiling, when I reopened my eyes after you loved me, that was the greatest view.

30 October 2013

So Fall...

Daft Punk - Within
Woolfy vs. Projections - Set Me Loose (Lexx Remix)
Moullinex - Darkest Night (Xinobi Remix)
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (12" Version)
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (G.Vump Remix)
Who Made Who - Running Man (Pilooski Mix)
Jay-Jay Johanson - I Want Some Fun
Theatre Of Delays - Black Ballet
Martin Brodin - Strings Attack
Tristesse Contemporaine - Hell Is Other People (Original Mix)
Bot'Ox - The Face of Another (Original Mix)

25 October 2013

The Crystal Ark - Rain (XXXtended Version)

This track is made for walking (and the video confirms it).
Yes, you can also dance it, but I just tested it as a psychological support during a city walk in a foggy day.
Its urban boogie fit perfectly with my pace and those tropical inserts, at some point, made me smile.

18 October 2013

Theatre Of Delays - Black Ballet

This track is an ascending spiral, its never ending arpeggio will take you higher and higher, and when you think you are falling, it will catch you and keep on climbing.
Despite of its name it isn’t dark but no doubt it is a dance, a kind of modern sufi whirling meditation.

Picture from Oskar Schlemmer's Bauhaus Triadic Ballet

14 October 2013

Munk feat. Mona Lazette - The Beat (Single Version and Kolombo Remix)

Another boring evening on the sofa?
No panic!
Mr. Munk is here to solve your problem with one of the catchiest tunes he released for a long time.
Come on! Get up and move your butt!
(Yes, pajama and socks is ok...
Yes, you can do it very slowly...
No, you can’t dance and eat cookies at the same time.

07 October 2013

Escort - Cabaret (Original and Little Boots Remix)

We knew it was a lie, the red on my lips, the pink on my cheeks, the shape of my chest, the length of my legs, the smile on my face, the spark on my eyes, the promises in your voice, the gold on your wrist, the green in your pocket, the warm in your heart…

We knew it was a lie but we played it and it was ok… sometimes a farce is the best you can get.

02 October 2013

Bot'Ox - The Face of Another EP

...and nothing can tear you
from changing your mind,
you gotta get in, fighting within your soul,
but we can begin now what will be hard
and wait for the morning to confess...

lights on and lights out it's all in timing,
everyone is working on your case,
everything is loud when you're not listening
and discard you're just another face...

27 September 2013

Scenic - Overflow

I'm starting to realize
that it could be over my mind
is this what it fixed you up
or has it taken you by surprise ?

I can't stop the flow
it overloads
it overflows
I will never know
I lost control
I overflow...

25 September 2013

Felipe Sá - Duck Tape Addict (Original and Vermelho Remix)

A chacun son obsession, to each his own obsession (as long it doesn’t hurt anyone, bla, bla…)
This duck tape for example, I was unaware of its existence until I found this track (quite obsessive sound btw, don’t you think?).
And I was far from imagining that people can go mad about it and use it as you can see in the picture (and in many other unbelievable ways…)
Well, I was also far from imagining that one day I would have collected hundred of pictures of… SOFAS… so...
A chacun son obsession, to each his own obsession.

24 September 2013

Deo & Z-Man - XTC (Original and Erobique Remix)

I've got tried to see, upon ecstasy.
You've got tried to see, upon ecstasy.
You and me are ecstasy,
ecstasy is meant to be.

Ecstasy is duality,
duality is you and me,
you and me is ecstasy,
and ecstasy is meant to be.

Ecstasy till infinity...

19 September 2013

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Gigamesh Remix)

[...] Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again, after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground [...]

16 September 2013

Girls In Hawaii - Misses (Mickey Remix)

There is always the sound,
Are you hearing it too
How it's weird living inside the town.
Empty days without you.

There is always a fall
But it happened too soon.
How can I see the living all around,
When I struggle with you.

I miss you...

Sofa by Paul Machikhin on deviantART

13 September 2013

The KDMS - Part Time Lovers (Original and Remixes)

Hold me, hold me close,
it's only for tonight.
Right here, right now
we can be who we wanna be.

Part time lovers,
hold me through the night,
we're part time lovers,
love me for the night...

12 September 2013

Black Yaya - Paint A Smile On Me (Yuksek Dub Edit)

A happy track is a complicated thing: it should lift your mood gently and it should sound sincere.
Happy tracks are often too violent, they scream in your face: “Hey you, shut up and be happy madafakka loser!” maybe also slapping you a bit.
Or they repeat obsessively how happy they are, so you start to be a little suspicious about that.
But sometimes you find the one that makes you smile and feel warm before you could notice it…
Like this one below:

10 September 2013

Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me

I don't think you want me like I want you
So what do I've got to do to get around it?
I don't want a love like this
Ohhhh it's not what you want
Ohhhh I feel

Come and save me

Save my life and get on the ground
Gonna save my life and get on the ground

09 September 2013

Panama Disco Lights - The Mood I'm In (Original & Remixes)

Or better Moon-day or Mood-day, the part of the week where people feel free to express all their complaints about any subject, for example I hate tracks snippets and previews ok? They make me feel as someone is dumping me just after he/she has turned me on, if you know what i mean… ;)
Nevertheless sometimes a snippet is all that you can get (specially on Mondays).
And you? What mood are you in, today?

07 September 2013

I'M NOT A BAND - 10000 Horses Can't Be Wrong (Simian Mobile Disco Violin Cover)

The striking cover of a new classic (become a little classic itself) has finally received an official release.
The next step towards the world of my dreams will be to hear it in the squares or in the underground, performed by street musicians around the globe...

05 September 2013

Wild Belle - It's Too Late (Original and Employee Of The Year Remix)

Now that you want me it's too late.(It's too late for love).
For when you got me you don't care.(It's too late for love).
I'm tired, so tired of playing.(Playing such a little fool).
My mind is made up: I'm not coming back to you.

I need a man that treats me right.(He'll treat me right).
He'll feed me supper more than twice. (Yes he will, yes yes, he will).
I'm not asking for lots of fancy toys. (I don't need a lot of fancy toys).
Someone to keep me warm at night.

So why why when you had me boy, you must've been blind
Goodbye, bye...
Now you taste the teardrops that I cried.
It's too late for love.

03 September 2013

Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)

You are a primitive woman
I am a primitive man
We are primitive people in a primitive land.

We’re not too far from the future
We’re not too far from the past
And this moment, this moment won’t last.

01 September 2013

biB on the Sofa - Turn You On

It's been quite a while since I was trying to put together a mix that could work as soundtrack for sex…
After a listen I think that maybe it’s more suitable for the foreplay, to get into the right mood…
Anyway here it is, just use it (and abuse it) as you see fit.
Enjoy it! (and let me know).

P.S. Yes it's rather explicit. ;)

Track List:
Various Artists - Plumbers Delight
Jimmy Bo Horne - Spank (1980 Remix)
Golden Bug - Sex Beat (Mustang Remix)
Sébastien Tellier - Cochon Ville
Human Woman - DDDI
H.O.S.H. -Lifeguard (Original Mix)
Virgo Four - It's a Crime (Caribou remix)
Tristesse Contemporaine - I Didn't Know (Original Mix)
Air - Sexy Boy (Theatre Of Delays Remix)
Zebra Katz - Ima Read
Chromeo - You Make It Rough
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Moullinex Remix)
Tomas Barfod ft. Nina Kinert - Till We Die
Salt-N-Pepa - Push It
Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me (Mano Le Tough Remix)
Sexual Harrasment - I need A Freak (My Humps Edit)
Black Strobe - White Gospel Blues (Elijah Collins Remix)
Nina Kraviz - Pain In The Ass (Lewis Boardman Greatest Pain In Tha Arse Remix)
Darkness Falls - The Void (Trentemoller Remix)
App - All I Can Think About (Kasper Bjorke Remix)
Matthew Dear - Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix)
Eyes Wide Shut - Closing Scene

30 August 2013

Classixx - All You're Waiting For (Feat. Nancy Whang)

I’ve just come back from holidays, weather was nice, food was good, boys were hhhot… but I don’t want to bore you so here’s a short video report of how cool it was...

12 August 2013

Christopher Norman - Can't Let Go

look at the walls in here
it's bleak / the ceiling's clear
but I can't break through
I need a breakthrough
the ceiling is clear but I can't break through
can't let go
look how you find me here
same place another year flies by
nothing comes of me
I need to break free
I guess we'll see what becomes of me
when I break free
can't let go
look out the window, dear
it's late / the sun will soon be here any minute now
the door might close
any minute now the door might close
and we'll never know
can't let go

Image by Chrissie White

09 August 2013

Erlend Øye - La Prima Estate

Ah l’Italia...
That unpredictable country where the sun shines 24/7 and where it’s summer 12 months a year.
All the girls are beautiful there, they all wear cute floral dresses and cook unbelievable meals.
Everything is bright and smells good, and life is sooo sweet over there...
It’s impossible not to fall in love with a place like that, specially if you are a nordic guy with big glasses, big blue eyes and possibly pretty shy...
I must confess I have a quite different view from my italian sofa, still this song makes me feel like Cinderella in the eyes of the Prince...
Got to go now, it’s time to cook dinner.

02 August 2013

Easy M - Summer Time

It was summertime carefree time,
When I was yours and you were mine.
It was summertime carefree time,
Now we're apart... but I don't mind.

01 August 2013

Rune Lindbæk - End Of The World (feat Lenny)

I'm watching the waves, from a million miles away.
They brought you right here.
Standing at the end of the world, dreaming stoned...

Don't turn the lights on...

17 July 2013

Kaspar & Hauser Feat. Holzwarth - Love Pendulum

This track talks about the ancient secret that hides beneath the heart of every man on earth.
Some of you might be not ready to handle it...

05 July 2013

The Sorry Entertainers feat. Jaw - Blow99

There is a way to be very easy without being cheesy, a way to be silly without being stupid.
Just try Blow99 and you will experience this amazing mood!
(And if you put it on your skin you will dance like a king/queen!)

03 July 2013

All The Colours - Second To None (Blonde or Brunette? Remixes)

What could ever heal a heart split in two?
She is hot and dark, killer eyes and the promise to take your flesh to heaven.
She is sweet and beautiful, just a sad look of hers and your soul is prisoner forever.
Now tell me, how can a guy make a choice ???
So it ends that he loses both, and then drama and stuff.
Fortunately, some soft-hearted producers, moved by this sad story, decided to rewrite it.
One picked the dark side, the other the bright one (obviously).
Here's what came out...

23 June 2013

Funboys - Occasional Crossdressers (Original Mix)

Switcheroo is a dual portrait series by Canadian photographer Hana Pesut where accomplices are photographed twice, once in their own outfits and again wearing each others outfit against the same background.
The project started in 2012 and it’s still going on.
A book has been published in May 2013.

20 June 2013

Movement - Feel Real (Morgan Geist Remix)

If this track were a guy, I would like him for his smell, if it were a place, I’d like it for the atmosphere, if it were a sofa I’d love how it accomodates my shape... but it’s a tune and I like it for its sound.
I like how its mellow and rough acoustic waves make my eardrum vibrate.

19 June 2013

biB in Japan

Track List:
Little Boots - Broken Record
Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive (Gigamesh Remix)
Xinobi feat. Princess Superstar, Janel and Israyl- Pirates (Extended Mix)
U-Tern - Style, Class, Flair
Robyn - Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do
Kleerup - Ain't No Stopping
2020 Soundsystem - Ocean (Ray Mang Remix)
Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Hannes Fischer Radio Edit)
Say Lou Lou - Julian (Lancelot Remix)
Acid Washed - Fire 'n' Rain (Theatre Of Delays Remix)
Prince - We could have a good time - (Kolombo Rework)
Android Automatic - Electric Nights
Infinty Ink - Infinity
Du Tonc - Rise (Original)
MANIK Feat. Jeremy Glenn - Parasol
Betoko - Before I Lose Control
Mario Vidis feat. Giedre - Suspend The Feeling

14 June 2013

They Rise At Night

Horror flavoured dance music for the creatures of the night.

13 June 2013

Mirror People - Kaleidoscope (Original and Psychemagik Remix)

While I was looking for the right picture for today tracks, I ran into this wonder: it seriously competes with lava lamps and discoballs in terms of mind travels... and it looks like it has been created expressly to be watched from a sofa!

12 June 2013

Foals - Late Night (Solomun Remix)

Fatal encounter between a british indie band emotionally overflowing and a bosnian-german producer sophisticate and soft.
Gloomy reverbs but with a beat.
Irresistible from sunset on.

10 June 2013

Discodeine - Aydin

Psychedelic, obscure, this tune is a real puzzle.
Turkish title, haunting vocals, dada lyrics, sibylline video.
Still it sucked me in.
So I went to The Wise Old Man Of All The Songs (Two Moats to his friends) bringing a pink box of homemade chocolate cookies and a tape with the track (he has this superpower he can read tapes with his fingers... only tapes though, not vinyls, nor cds, mp3 players get damaged by his "magnetic thing", and at his place, on the classical top of the classical mountain, internet doesn’t work...)
Whatever, I went there and gave him tape and cookies, he took his time to read, eat and think, then he said:
“Never search for meaning in a dance track.”

I feel much better now.

06 June 2013

Say Lou Lou - Julian (Lancelot Remix)

There is a kind of love that is very uncomfortable, something that makes you feel wrong, that sounds out of tune, that you know won’t last for long.
Nevertheless this feeling is one of the strongest you’ve ever experimented, its complexity, its unfairness, its lack of harmony, its uncertainty, build a perfect trap, unavoidable, indestructible...
But you already knew it, Julian, didn’t you?

01 June 2013

John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts (Original and Xinobi Remix)

Pale green ghosts at the end of May
Soldiers of this black highway
Helping me to know my place.

Pale green ghosts must take great care,
Release themselves into the air
Reminding me that I must be aware.

19 May 2013

biB - Reste Chez Toi

Junior Byron - Dance To The Music (Gigamesh Version)
The Phenomenal Handclap Band feat. Peaches - Walk The Night (Original Mix)
David August - You Got To Love Me
Zapp & Roger - It Doesn't Really Matter
Compuphonic - Sunset Feat. Marques Toliver (Original Mix)
Churchill - Change (Penguin Prison Remix)
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'italo 84' Remix)
The Egg - Catch (The C90's Remix)
Rodion & Khan Feat. Andrea - Discoteca Romana
Azari & III - Manic
Holy Ghost - It Gets Dark
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Gucci Vump Remix)
WhoMadeWho - Running Man (Pilooski Mix)
Tim Paris - Too Close Feat. Sex Judas (Original Mix)
Black Strobe - Boogie in Zero Gravity (Populette Remix)
Betoko - This Is What I Want (Original Mix)
SITUATION - Robot (The Supermen Lovers Remix)
Michoacan - Disco Sucks So Good (Dubka Remix)
Playmode - Ultrasonic (Original Mix)
The Glimmers - U Rocked My World (Cocolores Remix)
Rimer London - Put Your Gun Away
Kasper Bjorke Feat. Tone of Arc - Deep is the Breath (Pillow Talk Remix)
Stereo MC's - Connected
Dellarge - Cocodrilo Celestial (Dan Solo Rmx)
Erika Spring - Happy At Your Gate (Aeroplane Remix)
Kolombo & Loulou Players - Don't Go Away (Original Mix)
Drop Out Orchestra vs KRS-One - Sound of da Police
Easy M - Big Lips (Original Mix)
Daft Punk - Doin It Right (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

13 May 2013