04 September 2012

Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Re-Works)

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And now let’s talk about Postmodernism!
Still there?
I confess I bet hard from the beginning because i wanted only the most motivated of you to stay, and also to give you (and myself) the time to google.
Wikipedia rocks, as usual:

“ ... Salient features of postmodernism are the ironic play with styles, citations and narrative levels, a metaphysical skepticism or nihilism towards a “grand narrative” of Western culture, a preference for the virtual at the expense of the real (or more accurately, a fundamental questioning of what 'the real' constitutes) and a “waning of affect” on the part of the subject, who is caught up in the free interplay of virtual, endlessly reproducible signs inducing a state of consciousness similar to schizophrenia.”

Lately i found on the sofa two remixes of I Need a Freak by Sexual Harrassment, i didn't know it but everybody seemed to do, so I thought that it had to be a cult. Listening to it i realized that the refrain recalled me Antonín Dvořák's New World Symphony, genre and age totally different.
But let's go back to the remixes:
in the first one Dvořák' sample is lost and SH's vocal is kept a little low as it is just a citation in a new structure, cognate to the original, but nearer to the present taste

the second one recovers Dvořák and raises the stakes using a sample from My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas that used a sample of SH's track. It uses also a further sample in it but this is another story...

Sexual Harrasment - I need A Freak (Salon Acapulco My Humps Edit)

That said I'm going to freak out a bit.

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