29 September 2012

Rework - Werewolf

Daniel Varga, Michael Kuebler and Sascha Hedgehog, from the Rework, were really obsessed by werewolves.
Before they decided to produce this track they spent some time in the Black Forest in order to find them.
At last they really met a werewolf mother with her newborn baby and this is a short recording of the lullaby she used to sing to pacify him:

Here you can see what happened before that incredible birth:

22 September 2012

Lane 8 - The Voice

“[...] Voice is not an organic part of a human body. It’s coming from somewhere in between your body. [...] Whenever we talk to another person, there is always this minimum of ventriloquist effect, as if some foreign power took possession. [...] The lesson that we should learn [...] is that we ourselves are this foreign power. Our ego, our psychic agency, is an alien force, distorting, controlling our body and the voice is the way it reveals itself. The dimension of the human voice is properly traumatic , the human voice is not the sublime, ethereal medium for expressing the depth of human subjectivity, but is a foreign intruder. [...] How can we get rid of this terrifying dimension of the voice? Or, since we can not simply get rid of it, how to domesticate it, how to transform this voice nonetheless into the means of expressing humanity, love and so on? [...]”

Slavoj Zizek – The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (biB on the Sofa remix)

20 September 2012

Andre VII - Discoteca Clandestina

"...and to support our charge, Your Honour, we adduce evidence A : a mirror ball, often used in ambiguous dancing situations, to give the impression that walls are going round and round..."

One week earlier:

19 September 2012

Michael Mayer - Good Times (Smartphone Version)

- Are the subjects inside the mutual sphere of activity?
- Affirmative.
- Proceed with the “Good Time” protocol.
- Process launched.
- Blood Alcohol Level?
- Subject F 0.05, Subject M 0.04
- Good.
- Make Subject M say something "funny".
- "Funny" sentence pronounced.
- Now Subject F should laugh.
- Subject F laughing.
- Good.
- Put Subject M's right hand on Subject F's left hip.
- Hand in position.
- Ok, we are done here. We can't do more... Good luck Subject M...

Here's the end of the story:

17 September 2012

Betoko - This is what I want, U so Fine

Boredom is the key.
Example: he’s at his desk, phone doesn’t ring, no signs of life from the secretary, no files to be closed urgently... the Thing arrives and starts repeating all those words in his mind, the same sentence, over and over again, and he goes crazy because his body believes to that voice, and reacts consequently...
Or: he’s at home, his wife smells always the same, same intonation in her voice saying always the same words. Again boredom is the key, the Thing doesn’t show up in this case and his body reacts consequently...
So he decided he would go home a bit later tonight.

Here's the end of the story:

12 September 2012

Emeron & Fox - Nightmares (and Remixes)

When I was a child I had this nightmare there was a witch hidden into the floral pattern of my bedroom curtains.
I saw the witch both while i was sleeping both when i woke up in panic, in a horrible loop. Same thing happened with nice dreams, they stayed with me all day long like a sugar trail.
But one day i realized that dreams were just dreams and something strange happened.
I started to be happy after every nightmare, because real life was better indeed, and I began to be afraid of sweet dreams... don't know why...

09 September 2012

Metronomy - Hypnose (video)

Sunday has always been a sort of journey into a parallel universe to me. I can find every element of my everyday life over there, but I feel there is a subtle difference I’m supposed to find, as if I’m inside a puzzle game.
Maybe is the silence, maybe the day light seen from a different point of view out of the daily routine, maybe is the attitude of people around me, or the different food, or the fact that i slept until late...
Maybe it's simply because if you stare at something for a while it becomes strange and misteriously meaningfull.
Uh! Better not to push my thoughts further, it is Sunday after all!
Anyway this video expresses perfectly the kind of domestic magic I’m talking about.

06 September 2012

Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki (with a Flying Horse and Two Bears)

In the next 20 minutes, if you dare to follow me, we will have not one, not two but three kikis... During the first one I’ll show what you are supposed to do, so that we can experience a hot, basic version of it.
For the second run I called two bears, friends of mine just to make the thing a bit different, don’t worry, they are warm and easy...
In the final we will boogie for sure, cause a horse, a flying one, will be of the party.
Are you ready?
Lock the door!


If you like the kiki so much that you want to make it again by yourself, you can find what you need here.

04 September 2012

Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Re-Works)

align box

And now let’s talk about Postmodernism!
Still there?
I confess I bet hard from the beginning because i wanted only the most motivated of you to stay, and also to give you (and myself) the time to google.
Wikipedia rocks, as usual:

“ ... Salient features of postmodernism are the ironic play with styles, citations and narrative levels, a metaphysical skepticism or nihilism towards a “grand narrative” of Western culture, a preference for the virtual at the expense of the real (or more accurately, a fundamental questioning of what 'the real' constitutes) and a “waning of affect” on the part of the subject, who is caught up in the free interplay of virtual, endlessly reproducible signs inducing a state of consciousness similar to schizophrenia.”

Lately i found on the sofa two remixes of I Need a Freak by Sexual Harrassment, i didn't know it but everybody seemed to do, so I thought that it had to be a cult. Listening to it i realized that the refrain recalled me Antonín Dvořák's New World Symphony, genre and age totally different.
But let's go back to the remixes:
in the first one Dvořák' sample is lost and SH's vocal is kept a little low as it is just a citation in a new structure, cognate to the original, but nearer to the present taste

the second one recovers Dvořák and raises the stakes using a sample from My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas that used a sample of SH's track. It uses also a further sample in it but this is another story...

Sexual Harrasment - I need A Freak (Salon Acapulco My Humps Edit)

That said I'm going to freak out a bit.