31 August 2012

Black Strobe - White Gospel Blues (Museum Remix)

Full moon tonight, and not a simple one, a blue one.
They call it like that when it’s the second full moon in a month.
It happens once in 32 monthes.
And actually the moon won’t even look blue (chromatically)...
Maybe I can use this "incredible" news to justify the awful mood is tormenting me today...   and I can post that gloomy electro track i’ve kept for moments like this.

P.S. This post sucks, but the track rocks and it's Free Download.

28 August 2012

S├ębastien Tellier - Cochon Ville [Das Moth Remix]

Everybody has a secret object of desire, a very private fantasy, something very difficult to get, maybe even impossible.
Cochon Ville video deals with that.
Das Moth Remix adds some spice to the story because you can listen to it but... you cannot have it (unless you live in Japan).     ;)

27 August 2012

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Eleven:Eleven Remix)

This track contains some kind of paradox.
The original has been quite a hit five years ago, so that you recall it as something you knew since long , but that sounds still pretty fresh to your ears.
The remix treatment renews the sound using retro synth pop patterns.
In conclusion if you pick a not-so-new thing and you rearrange it in an old school way the result can be surprising.

17 August 2012

Erika Spring - Happy At Your Gate (Aeroplane Remix)

He looks at the time, he checks the board.
Is it the right gate? Yes.
Hopes his hair is tidy. Hopes she won’t notice that damned little hole on his T-Shirt. Her favorite one.
He needs a cig. Smoking is forbidden in this area. No time to go out now.
She will be there in three minutes. She will be there in one minute.
She is in his arms, for the first time, now.

Here's the end of the story:

10 August 2012

Matan Arkin - Supernova

It’s the weekend of falling stars.
So we will all make probably a wish, if it happens that we see one.
Even if it’s just a silly superstitious game.
What makes me appreciate this practice it’s that one has to be very quick, no time to think about it, you just have to pick your most urgent wish from inside, no filters, no lies. And no, you can’t decide it in advance!
The result is often surprising, I don’t think that a meteor could help to fulfill my wish, but for sure this game helps me find out what my keenest desire is.

This is the right track for a night walk towards your favorite place to star-gazing.

07 August 2012

I'm Not A Band - Woody

The rain sings always the same song.

The first drops start with an undetectable ticking that suddenly grows becoming faster and stronger, then you can hear running feet and some stifled yelp until the great roaring arrives.

She knows this song by heart, cause she lives in the street, but she doesn’t like rain.
When it rains her master leave her reclined in her tiny velvet box, unable to make any move.

She watches people from there, dreaming the day she will be able to get up by herself and run away on her little wooden legs...

Here's the end of the story:

06 August 2012

Hi Fashion - Amazing

Easy-going and teasing, this track is a tiny and puckish hymn about self-esteem and sexual freedom.
Have you ever thought that often who pulls you down is just trying to have your attention?
So don't let them put you off and just keep being amazing.
Whatever you are.

04 August 2012

MagicHour - White Sun Re-Vision

Precious track that interweaves very different genres and disparate sounds into a florid music lace.
Evocative lyrics, distorted vocals, a build up that turns the vibrancy of soul into the enthusiasm of synthpop, all tied together by a thread of electronic brightness.

01 August 2012

Android Automatic - Electric Nights

Midsummer night, the air is full of rainy promises.
She runs a plastic comb through her thin hair, nervously.
What an awful idea! Now she looks like a mad scientist more than a sophisticated lady.
Nylon stockings, tiny acrylic dress, every move she makes generates a waterfall of sparks.
Ding dong the doorbell rings: “Damn he’s here already!”...

Here’s the end of the story: