30 July 2012

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Stronger (Flying Horse Disco Bootleg)

Strength is the ability to do something that takes a huge amount of energy for a very limited period of time.
With  endurance  you'll  be  able  to  repeat  a less  intense effort many times without getting tired.
While  at  the  gym  you  can  control  which  one  you  need,  out,   in  the  real world, you never know whether  you'll  need  strength or endurance to complete everyday tasks.
This is why you should build your routine around both elements.
Don't just focus on one.
As far as I am concerned,  I would get to  the bottom of the matter  while listening to this surprising bootleg, sweating on the sofa.

28 July 2012

Poolside - Take Me Home

Where is my home?
It’s not where I was born (that was in a hospital), it’s not where I grew up (that is my past). It isn’t where my mother language is spoken (that’s my family) nor where my stuff is stored up (a couple of cellars here and there).
My home is not where my heart is (inside my chest ??? Oh come on!) and it’s not so sweet... but it’s so comfy!

25 July 2012

The Egg - Catch (Original Mix and The C90s Remix)

Have you ever received a tongue-twister as a declaration of love?
Poems and flowers are so outdated...
Maybe you needed something like that to realize that he/she is your good catch.     ;)

22 July 2012

biB - Sofa on the Beach

Here's the podcast of my gig on the beach. Enjoy! :)

Midnight Magic - Drop Me A Line
Gigamesh - Dont Stop (Original Mix)
Ornette - Crazy (Noze Remix Extended Club Version)
Montevideo - Horses (Zimmer Remix)
We Have Band - Where Are Your People (Aashton & Swift Remix)
Gucci Vump - Feeling (Original Mix)
Sam Sparro - Happiness (The Magician Remix)
Theatre Of Delays - Journey To The Sun
Golden Bug - Sex Beat (Gemini Club Remix)
Miike Snow - Paddling Out (Penguin Prison Remix)
Skye - Whats wrong with me (Phoniques Vocal Remix)
Box Codax - Seven Silvers (Rodion Remix)
YACHT - I Walked Alone (Get A Room! Remix)
Hypnolove - Mademoiselle (Notic Nastic Remix)
Kavinsky Feat. Lovefoxxx - Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)
WhoMadeWho - Inside World (Detone Mix)
Staygold - Backseat (Rimer London Remix)

20 July 2012

Theatre Of Delays - Journey To The Sun

Things you won't need in that kind of trip:

1) passport
2) credit card
3) photo camera
4) toothbrush
5) return ticket

Travel light, meet yourself.

16 July 2012

Bufi - Dogs & Demons

Warm and bouncy, spacey and funky specimen of nu-disco.
Loyal and easy like a dog, naughty and mocking like a demon.
Mexican pedigree.

14 July 2012

Montevideo - Horses (Zimmer Remix)

Horses can sleep while standing.
Horses remeber everything.
Horses are unpredictable,
creatures of habit and adorable.
Horses are like human beings:
if you take them by the head
they are prisoners and glad.

13 July 2012

Mercury - Candlelight feat. Robert Owens

There are complicated days in the life of a girl...

12 July 2012

Staygold - Backseat (Rimer London Remix)

At the start you are caught by ethereal synthetic jingles and sweet playful vocals, then you can appreciate the fresh and jaunty building up of the rhythm... only when you got what lyrics say you realize that you are not on a tiny dance floor in heaven, but in the middle of a very hot backseat situation.

10 July 2012

Sona Vabos - Black Music Blues

Happy hour drums, slightly acid bass, tiny little moogy sounds, lowered vocals saying dada words, two or three distorted screams here and there, one clarinet, a cinematic arabian night explosion in the breakbeat.
To be served shaken (not stirred) on a cold dance floor.

09 July 2012

Junior - I Don't Listen Much (Mercury Remix)

Pretty catchy tune that’s going viral on the net.
Inspired lyrics (yes, love is so uncertain...), warm and well edited vocals and a house base that builds up a story.

08 July 2012

XS - A New Era

There is a difference between emotions and feelings although they are often spoken of as being one and the same.
Emotions are intense but temporary.
Feelings are low-key, stable and sustained over time.
This track grows slowly, you don’t even notice it, no twist, no explosions of joy, no drama, but still, in the end, it makes you feel something.

The official video is a pop art tribute to some of the dance music icons of the last four decades, it worths a look.

07 July 2012

Diamond Eyes - Beverly Hills (SIM├śNE Voice Remix)

There's always a blue note in synthpop, a doubt, a wistful spark, a kind of languishing boredom.
Nothing so serious or deep, just a cold caress.
Even in Beverly Hills.

06 July 2012

Clap Rules - Happynomony (Justin Robertson's The Deadstock 33s remix)

An acid disco journey galloping into nonsense, whimsical, hypnotic, maybe a little disturbing, but still catchy and very dancey.

05 July 2012

Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive (Villa and Gigamesh Remixes)

After a forthnight of subtropical fear and loathe on the sofa, rain has finally come, bringing a kind of inebriating thrill.
In this euphoric (as fugitive) mood I've chosen a track pretty far from my taste (the original is way too epic for me ;P) with two interesting remixes.
Villa puts together a sort of electronic bolero with glacial synths drops and asian chorus inserts.
Gigamesh mixes baroquely french touch, italo and cosmic elements with a hi-nrg attitude.

04 July 2012

Mario & Vidis - Changed

These two gentlemen from Lithuania changed house music to something new with their smooth, delicate and chilly touch.
Well-chosen vocals, warm and gloomy at the same time, on a carpet of very polished but still powerful sound.
They already layed on this sofa with a slow feel.

02 July 2012

Dat Politics - Melt down

Lately it has been devilishly hot here on the sofa, so much that it's even difficult to move or think, this situation won't change that soon, so the challenge is just accept it and survive.
To do that I think I'll need something chilly and sweet.
I've already hosted Dat Politics on my sofa, in that occasion they brought a frozen gift and here they are again, with the right words and the right mood at the right time.