30 March 2012

Cadillac - Too Long (Daft Punk Cover)

Cadillac is a brand new electro pop band from Australia.
This cover of Too Long pulls the tempo down, brings out the tropical mallets, a catchy bass line and crooning vocals.
The result is so amazing that The Magician picked it up to start his Magic Tape 21.

28 March 2012

Ratatat - Neckbrace

Ratatat is a NYC-based electronic duo, Neckbrace belongs to their latest album LP4 (2010) but a new release is expected in 2012.
So let's take it easy and listen to this weird dancey thing made of funny gibbering vocals and tiny curious sounds kept together by a smooth bassline and transfigured by a powerful cinematic melody.

27 March 2012

Art Department - Tell Me Why (Original Mix) Part I

Simple dance beat, syncopated synths and haunting, low vocals from this Toronto-based duo.
Obsessive romantic theme with no (happy) ending.

26 March 2012

Storm Queen - Look Right Through (and 2 remixes)

- Mom, what's House Music?
- Uhm... Ehm... Well, sweetie, this is house music... but in an Underground declination...

Storm Queen - Look Right Through

- This is House too, but contaminated by Nu-Disco...

Storm Queen - Look Right Through (Aeroplane Remix)

- And this also is House, but Techno flavoured...

Storm Queen - Look Right Through (Art Department Remix)

- Mom?
- Yes darling.
- What's Underground?


23 March 2012

Villa Nah - Envelope

When I found this song on my dashboard this morning I immediately felt better, like a Proust's madeleine it took me into a past I had forgotten, kind of innocent and hopeful feel.
It's not about nostalgia, it's about being comfy.

Freshly baked synthpop (well... it's from 2009) from Finland, made following the ancient recipe.

Have a cookie! :)

22 March 2012

21 March 2012

Joe Goddard (featuring Valentina) - Gabriel

Broken hearts on the dance floor: Gabriel is the name of an angel but this one seems to be bad like evil.
Bouncing beats, melting vocals, hyper synths.
Let's have some good old drama!

20 March 2012

Sukia - The Dream Machine

A cult from the album Contacto Espacial con el Tercer Sexo (1996) the only release of the californian indie band Sukia.
Exotica, Electronica, not so easy to define...

18 March 2012

biB - 90 mins on the sofa

VoilĂ  le podcast of my latest dj set: indie dance, nu disco, electro pop, house of some kind in italo-kraut-french sauce. Party! \o/

16 March 2012

Para One & Tekilatex - Deep Sea Creatures

Hypnotic and surreal lyrics, skew melodic line, broken rhythm... an aesthetic and safe psychedelic nightmare.

13 March 2012

Pollyester - Concierge d'Amour

Kraut Disco from Bavaria.
Surreal lyrics, boogie basshooks, twinkling synthesizer melodies and twisted grooves.

12 March 2012

Gucci Vump - Feeling

Out today on Bromance Record the new addicting track by Brodinski and Guillaume from The Shoes.
Distorted hypnotic vocals, techno beats and melancholic synths.

11 March 2012

The secret of "happiness"...

Happiness is a cute butt in a teasing outfit, this is what the latest video of Sam Sparro seems to suggest...

Jumping out of philosophy the song is a true disco anthem and The Magician made a powerful dance remix of it:

09 March 2012

Peter Richard - Walking In The Neon (Dub Version)

hi-nrg/space disco from the past (1984) produced by the mysterious Peter Richard, probably a nickname for a team of italian musicians.
Still hot! ;)

07 March 2012

We are Enfant Terrible - Filthy Love

Saucy hooks you can't shake away, and witty lyrics that are either teasing or self-mocking.

06 March 2012

Fascination! - Animalize (3dot mix)

Italo disco and acid techno with a hint of electroclash from Greece.

04 March 2012

Museum - Afraid (original version and Reflex remix)

Synth Pop from France.
Inspired by Blade Runner, Planet of the apes, Shining, Alien music soundtracks, Museum produces powerful and hypnotic tracks for the dancefloor.

Reflex reworks this track with cascades of vintage synths, head-spinning arpeggios, fat analog basslines and 808 claps, in a revival mood firmly focused on the future and adding a bit of feeling to the cold uncomfortableness of the original.

03 March 2012

Superlover - Sequential Circuits (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

Cinematic Non Conventional Nu Disco from Berlin.
Every rework of TofD tells a story made of masterly dosed wait, smooth progressions, slices of dream.
Perfect to drive, train tripping, street walking, soft dancing and... for sofas.

02 March 2012

biB's live set, streaming from 21.30 to 23.00 CET

Tonight I move my sofa to Le Living Room a little and cosy club setting in the virtual reality game of Second Life.
I play nu disco, electro pop et similia with a french touch.
Listen to the recorded set here

01 March 2012

Tristesse Contemporaine - I Didn't Know

Tristesse Contemporaine is glued together by three adopted Parisians, a Japanese girl and two guys, one British, one Swedish.
Catchy melodies, synth-pop, vintage bass, merge with electronic beats, with a heightened new wave sensitivity.