31 December 2012

Coma - Bette Davis' Eyes

The best way to spend New Year’s Eve?
In a coma!
A long hypnotic intro, voices talking nonsense from the outer space, suddenly an old-times-flavoured revelation and a light, guiding you out of the tunnel...
Have a nice transition.

27 December 2012

Footprintz - The Favourite Game

A game is an activity that must have the following characteristics:
- fun: the activity is chosen for its light-hearted character
- separate: it is circumscribed in time and place
- uncertain: the outcome of the activity is unforeseeable
- non-productive: participation does not accomplish anything useful
- governed by rules: the activity has rules that are different from everyday life
- fictitious: it is accompanied by the awareness of a different reality

Roger Caillois - Les jeux et les hommes
Image: Billy und Hells

20 December 2012

Tiger Fingers - Say It To Me - Dogs Of Jesus

There are two tracks I’d like you to listen to, before the world (possibly) ends.
One encourages revelations or declarations of every kind: hey it’s the end baby, no more secrets, hidden feelings etc. please!

(here’s the snippet if you need to be quick -these apocalypses are a mess.)

The other talks about the Dogs of Jesus …

(here’s the snippet if you are an atheist or you belong to another religion, but you are curious, in a rush though.)

Image: Horst Wackerbarth

13 December 2012

Janski Beeeats - Lament

Complaining is an activity that is generally criticized, labeled as useless and annoying.
There are many other futile occupations certainly not more pleasant (shouting at the stadium, getting angry while driving, Christmas spirit, serenades...) they don't draw criticism with the same intensity though.
So this fundamental human activity took another road to finally be expressed. It has been codified into poems, songs and rituals, because sometimes there’s just nothing you can do but wait and survive, and those could work good to fill the time (and empty the soul) while waiting for a better time to come.

Image: Martha Graham - Lamentation

29 November 2012

Golden Bug - One Way

Three variations on the claustrophobic boogie of an obsession.
Stubborn and threatening like a wounded animal.
Blind and deaf as the dark hour.
Vibrating and ephemeral like a promise of love.

Image: Denise Grünstein

28 November 2012

Eight Bit Tiger - Shake Yo Azz

The word seduction stems from Latin and means literally "to lead astray". As a result, the term may have a positive or negative connotation.
Seduction, seen negatively, involves temptation and enticement, often sexual in nature, to lead someone astray into a behavioral choice they would not have made if they were not in a state of sexual arousal.
Seen positively, seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone — male or female — by an appeal to the senses, often with the goal of reducing unfounded fears and leading to their "sexual emancipation".

Thanks Wikipedia
Image Julien Pacaud

17 November 2012

NTEIBINT - Time (Original Mix)

"Time is not a thing, thus nothing which is, and yet it remains constant in its passing away without being something temporal like the beings in time."

Martin Heidegger - Being and Time

09 November 2012

Kolombo - Don't Be Shy - EP (Kompakt)

If they say “Don’t be shy” you are doing well.
This is one of the first thing I’ve learnt.
Actually it hasn’t been so difficult for me.
It’s all about wearing a costume and a mask and let them make you different.
But it’s not me acting or feeling under that silk, I’m elsewhere.
They don’t seem to notice it, maybe because they don’t care, maybe because they just can’t.
And when they tell me not to be shy they never mean it. They like it shy.
The funny thing is that I’m not shy at all.

03 November 2012

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver - Ready to Go (A.N.D.Y. & Vicente Remix)

There are so many things I should do before I can go away.
Waking up could be a good starting option.
Waking up and getting up from bed.
Getting up from bed and going to the kitchen.
Going to the kitchen and making some coffee.
Going to the toilet while the coffee is on its way.
Going back to kitchen and having some breakfast.
Washing my teeth after breakfast.
Having a shower after washing my teeth.
Going to bedroom and choosing the proper clothes.
Spending a lot of time on this subject.
Spending much time to find the right accessories.
Totally loosing my sense of time while trying to produce a decent make up.
Watching myself into the bathroom mirror.
Finding myself inadequate.
Watching myself into the bedroom mirror.
Finding myself inadequate.
Watching myself into the corridor mirror.
Finding myself inadequate.
There are really too many things I should do before I can go away.
I think I will sleep five more minutes.

30 October 2012

Lindstrøm - Fāār-i-kāāl

Let’s play a little game.
Just have a listen to the track with the mysterious title and tell me what it makes you imagine.
Please don’t use Google or Wikipedia or your norwegian friends or anything else to find info about it, let the music and your fantasy do the job.
If I can get three of your stories in comments I’ll tell you mine and I’ll reveal also what the track is actually about.
So... do you wanna play with me?

28 October 2012

Salon Acapulco - Aire (Original + Acid Washed Remix)

Three days.
The first one people go crazy, they talk way faster than usual, they easily run out of patience and you feel weirdly uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter where you are.
The first night sleeping is impossible.
Mostly every house is haunted.
In the second morning you wear your armor and you walk bowed head. No hellos, no useless words, just knowing glances on purple faces behind ruffled hair. And you leave the radio on when you go to sleep at night, pretending not to hear that old ghostly song in the background.
The third day you know it will be over soon. Smiles and unprovoked merriment. Clichés.
Sometimes you unbutton your coat and let this thing come in and hug you a cold goodbye.
It leaves at night, when you are finally sleeping, because ghosts are gone.

26 October 2012

We Have Band - Tired Of Running

Second wind is a phenomenon in distance running, such as marathons or road running (as well as other sports), whereby an athlete who is too out of breath and tired to continue suddenly finds the strength to press on at top performance with less exertion.
The feeling may be similar to that of a runner's high, the most obvious difference being that the runner's high occurs after the race is over. Some scientists believe the second wind to be a result of the body finding the proper balance of oxygen to counteract the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. Others claim second winds are due to endorphin production, while still others believe it to be purely psychological.
Documented experiences of the second wind go back at least 100 years, when it was taken to be a commonly held fact of exercise.
The phenomenon has come to be used as a metaphor for continuing on with renewed energy past the point thought to be one's prime, whether in other sports, careers, or life in general.

Thanks Wikipedia.

25 October 2012

MANIK - Parasol feat. Jeremy Glenn (Original Mix)

"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."
Even if it seems to be very popular, I heard this phrase for the first time just two days ago. Maybe it’s because I live in a place where weather is sweet and people is fatalist or maybe I just need to read more books.
Anyway if you are tired to feel helpless and you want to turn your lift-oriented climatic monologue into the climax of a courtship, you can take one cue from here:

24 October 2012

Hercules And Love Affair - Release Me (DJ-Kicks)

The fight or flight response is our body's primitive, automatic, inborn response that prepares the body to fight or flee from perceived attack, harm or threat to our survival.
When our fight or flight response is activated, sequences of nerve cell firing occur and chemicals like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol are released into our bloodstream. These patterns of nerve cell firing and chemical release cause our body to undergo a series of very dramatic changes.
Our respiratory rate increases. Our pupils dilate. Our awareness intensifies. Our sight sharpens. Our impulses quicken. Our perception of pain diminishes.
But what happens if you feel threatened and you can’t fight nor flee ? What happens when your body and your mind are a sort of bomb ready to explode but you just can’t make a move?
I’ve read somewhere that some people, often dressed (or better undressed) in strange ways put themselves into situations like that to catch this extreme feel...
How bizarre isn’t it? ;)

22 October 2012

Shiny Toy Guns - Fading Listening (Treasure Fingers Epicfadewave Mix)

The academic community is still shocked by the results of a study published in the July issue of Science (2007) titled “Are Women Really More Talkative Than Men?”
Refuting the popular stereotype that females talk more than men, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have found women and men both use an average of 16,000 words each day.
And you haven't heard the last of this!
According to a more recent study, it seems that women have developed a secret technique to avoid listening, borrowing it from men and just adding some cute nodding to make it more effective.
To learn more about it have a listen here:

21 October 2012

Fiorious - I'm In Love With A German Film Star (Cerronza Remix)

The guy stares at me like a wicked angel, saturated with a superabundant beauty he’s perfectly aware of.
And it’s so hard for me even only try and watch him for few seconds...
I know his life has been complicated and extreme, full of turbid passions and wrong romances.
I know that now he's paying the bill, alone and in trouble, but still i can't bear that look on me... eating pop corn inside a loose pijama, on a sagging sofa, in this deadly boring afternoon...
Holy shit where's the remote?!?

17 October 2012

Michoacan - Disco Sucks So Good (and Remixes)

Ambivalence is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing.
Stated another way, ambivalence is the experience of having thoughts and/or emotions of both positive and negative valence toward someone or something.
A common example of ambivalence is the feeling of both love and hate for a person.
The term also refers to situations where "mixed feelings" of a more general sort are experienced, or where a person experiences uncertainty or indecisiveness concerning something.
Ambivalence is experienced as psychologically unpleasant when the positive and negative aspects of a subject are both present in a person's mind at the same time.
This state can lead to avoidance or procrastination, or to deliberate attempts to resolve the ambivalence.
When the situation does not require a decision to be made, people experience less discomfort even when feeling ambivalent.

Thanks Wikipedia.

15 October 2012

Moullinex - Take My Pain Away

Teddy bear by Håkan Dahlström

In human childhood development, a transitional object is something which takes the place of the mother-child bond.
An infant sees himself and the mother as a whole. In this phase the mother ‘brings the world’ to the infant without delay which gives him a ‘moment of illusion’, a belief that his own wish creates the object of his desire which brings with it a sense of satisfaction.
Later on the child comes to realize that the mother is separate from him through which it appears that the child has lost something. This realization creates a difficult period and brings frustration and anxiety with it. In the end it is impossible that the mother is always there to ‘bring the world’ to the baby. Through fantasizing about the object of his wishes the child will find comfort.
A transitional object can be used in this process. The transitional object is often the first ‘not me’ possession that really belongs to the child. These could be real objects like a blanket or a teddy bear, but other ‘objects’, such as a melody or a word, can fulfill this role as well. This object represents all components of ‘mothering’, and it means that the child himself is able to create what he needs as well. It enables the child to have a fantasized bond with the mother when she gradually separates for increasingly longer periods of time. The transitional object is important at the time of going to sleep and as a defence against anxiety.

Thanks Donald Woods Winnicott and Wikipedia.
Teddy bear, a photo by Håkan Dahlström on Flickr.

12 October 2012

Dellarge - Cocodrilo Celestial (Remixes)

That summer, I think I was 11, we used to play the same game over and over at the sea.
Jane kicked off, she should be very girly while paddling and singing into low water.
Then was the turn of the Crocodile, he arrived slow, silent, almost under water and attacked her. She screamed “Help!” doing a fake and weak battle with the animal.
Finally Tarzan showed up, overswimming to show how quick and strong he was. He struggled hard and long against the predator and obviously he got the better of it.
That’s the plot and we had to respect it, always.
Where’s the fun then?
Well, it's not up to me to say that there are very repetitive activities that nevertheless bring a certain pleasure, but the point here is that we could switch role independently of our sex, age or size.
So everyone could be the bad guy, the good guy or the beautiful one, and try to be in someone else shoes for a while.

11 October 2012

biB - Moustache Daddy

Citizens! - True Romance (Gildas remix)
Moullinex feat. Peaches - Maniac (Original Mix)
Whomadewho - Inside World
The Bucketheads - The Bomb
FM Belfast - Stripes (Original Mix)
Gretchen - Conga (Boss in Drama Remix)
Andre VII - Discoteca Clandestina
Le Le - Sexual Hair
Faggot Fairys - Samo Ti (AC Slater Remix)
Basement Jaxx - Red Alert
IN FIELDS - Beginnings (Get A Room! Remix)
Montevideo - Horses (Zimmer Remix)
Totally Enormous Extint Dinosaurs - Stronger (Flying Horse Disco Bootleg)
Betoko - U so fine
Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Moullinex Remix)
Xinobi - (I Hate The Sound Of) Guitars (Original Mix)
Sona Vabos - Black Music Blues (Original Mix)
Wiley - I'm Skanking (The 2 Bears Remix)
Monosurround - Mushroomed (Timo Of Finlands Muschrhumt Dub)
Kasper Bjorke - Hummingbirds (with Jacob Bellens)
In Flagranti - Ex Ex Ex (Bottin Mix)
Giorgio Moroder - Chase (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

07 October 2012

Xinobi - (I Hate The Sound of) Guitars

Last night i met this guy.
He was so cute with those big glasses and those blue eyes.
We have been staring each other for weeks at the club and finally yesterday he talked to me.
Great feel, good smell, nice chat.
“I make music” he said.
“Hey, so do I! What’s your shit?”
“Difficult to tell, but if you add me on Facebook I can show you... What about you?”
“Well, come to my place and i show you...”
Normally I don’t act like that, I swear, anyway that’s what i said.
So here we are, on my sofa, having last drink, waiting for a kiss that doesn’t come...
“You said you play an instrument... Would you show me?”
The boy is definitely shy... what can I do? Suddenly a light flashes in my mind... “Could you wait here a minute?” I say.
I’m back five minutes later, wearing only my golden Stratocaster.
He turns pale, gets up and walks the door with no words...

05 October 2012

POMPEYA - Power (Original)

He realized it very soon, he was 2 or 3 years old. He could save the world!
Nobody knew about his ability, he tried to tell Mom once, but she said “Don’t be silly” so he gave up.
He kept on his rescue work though: every day he closed his eyes and saw what he was supposed to do, one time there was an ant in trouble, another time he should throw that very stone into the river at that very moment, one day he had to hold his breath 38 seconds, another day he was asked to launch an encoded message using a mirror and the sun. It worked perfectly for years, but one night he had a strange dream and he woke up embarrassed and wet...
From that night on, when he closed his eyes he didn’t receive the guidelines to world salvation anymore, he just could see those delicate and soft and full of beauty and perfectly round and puffy thingies that girls use to keep their heart warm.

04 October 2012

Red Axes - Josef Cookies

His actual name was Josef, but he decided to change it long time ago. He didn’t like it that much cause it sounded old style and it was very different from the names of other children.
Well, there were another couple of things that made him be different...
He really would have liked to be some kind of superhero, something big and unforgettable, maybe a bit scary too... so he picked the worst nickname they gave him at school and he made it become his new name.
It was rough at first, people didn't understand and made fun of him more than before.
One day, as he was having breakfast in a cake shop, a big shot spotted him and well... everyone knows how it ended.

01 October 2012

Citizens! - True Romance (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night remix)

align box

If you say “true romance” you are using an oxymoron, a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear in conjunction.
Yes, you read right, contradictory terms.
The word "romance" infact, means love affair, but its original meaning deals with medieval tales of chivalry and heroes.
There’s a fake soul inside a romance, so you can’t call it true.
What's new? Absolutely nothing. We all are aware of that in these times.
You can also hear it in this song, the words "true romance" are slightly out of tune...
So, what happened to true love and happy end?
Well, we are what came after.

29 September 2012

Rework - Werewolf

Daniel Varga, Michael Kuebler and Sascha Hedgehog, from the Rework, were really obsessed by werewolves.
Before they decided to produce this track they spent some time in the Black Forest in order to find them.
At last they really met a werewolf mother with her newborn baby and this is a short recording of the lullaby she used to sing to pacify him:

Here you can see what happened before that incredible birth:

22 September 2012

Lane 8 - The Voice

“[...] Voice is not an organic part of a human body. It’s coming from somewhere in between your body. [...] Whenever we talk to another person, there is always this minimum of ventriloquist effect, as if some foreign power took possession. [...] The lesson that we should learn [...] is that we ourselves are this foreign power. Our ego, our psychic agency, is an alien force, distorting, controlling our body and the voice is the way it reveals itself. The dimension of the human voice is properly traumatic , the human voice is not the sublime, ethereal medium for expressing the depth of human subjectivity, but is a foreign intruder. [...] How can we get rid of this terrifying dimension of the voice? Or, since we can not simply get rid of it, how to domesticate it, how to transform this voice nonetheless into the means of expressing humanity, love and so on? [...]”

Slavoj Zizek – The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (biB on the Sofa remix)

20 September 2012

Andre VII - Discoteca Clandestina

"...and to support our charge, Your Honour, we adduce evidence A : a mirror ball, often used in ambiguous dancing situations, to give the impression that walls are going round and round..."

One week earlier:

19 September 2012

Michael Mayer - Good Times (Smartphone Version)

- Are the subjects inside the mutual sphere of activity?
- Affirmative.
- Proceed with the “Good Time” protocol.
- Process launched.
- Blood Alcohol Level?
- Subject F 0.05, Subject M 0.04
- Good.
- Make Subject M say something "funny".
- "Funny" sentence pronounced.
- Now Subject F should laugh.
- Subject F laughing.
- Good.
- Put Subject M's right hand on Subject F's left hip.
- Hand in position.
- Ok, we are done here. We can't do more... Good luck Subject M...

Here's the end of the story:

17 September 2012

Betoko - This is what I want, U so Fine

Boredom is the key.
Example: he’s at his desk, phone doesn’t ring, no signs of life from the secretary, no files to be closed urgently... the Thing arrives and starts repeating all those words in his mind, the same sentence, over and over again, and he goes crazy because his body believes to that voice, and reacts consequently...
Or: he’s at home, his wife smells always the same, same intonation in her voice saying always the same words. Again boredom is the key, the Thing doesn’t show up in this case and his body reacts consequently...
So he decided he would go home a bit later tonight.

Here's the end of the story:

12 September 2012

Emeron & Fox - Nightmares (and Remixes)

When I was a child I had this nightmare there was a witch hidden into the floral pattern of my bedroom curtains.
I saw the witch both while i was sleeping both when i woke up in panic, in a horrible loop. Same thing happened with nice dreams, they stayed with me all day long like a sugar trail.
But one day i realized that dreams were just dreams and something strange happened.
I started to be happy after every nightmare, because real life was better indeed, and I began to be afraid of sweet dreams... don't know why...

09 September 2012

Metronomy - Hypnose (video)

Sunday has always been a sort of journey into a parallel universe to me. I can find every element of my everyday life over there, but I feel there is a subtle difference I’m supposed to find, as if I’m inside a puzzle game.
Maybe is the silence, maybe the day light seen from a different point of view out of the daily routine, maybe is the attitude of people around me, or the different food, or the fact that i slept until late...
Maybe it's simply because if you stare at something for a while it becomes strange and misteriously meaningfull.
Uh! Better not to push my thoughts further, it is Sunday after all!
Anyway this video expresses perfectly the kind of domestic magic I’m talking about.

06 September 2012

Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki (with a Flying Horse and Two Bears)

In the next 20 minutes, if you dare to follow me, we will have not one, not two but three kikis... During the first one I’ll show what you are supposed to do, so that we can experience a hot, basic version of it.
For the second run I called two bears, friends of mine just to make the thing a bit different, don’t worry, they are warm and easy...
In the final we will boogie for sure, cause a horse, a flying one, will be of the party.
Are you ready?
Lock the door!


If you like the kiki so much that you want to make it again by yourself, you can find what you need here.

04 September 2012

Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (Re-Works)

align box

And now let’s talk about Postmodernism!
Still there?
I confess I bet hard from the beginning because i wanted only the most motivated of you to stay, and also to give you (and myself) the time to google.
Wikipedia rocks, as usual:

“ ... Salient features of postmodernism are the ironic play with styles, citations and narrative levels, a metaphysical skepticism or nihilism towards a “grand narrative” of Western culture, a preference for the virtual at the expense of the real (or more accurately, a fundamental questioning of what 'the real' constitutes) and a “waning of affect” on the part of the subject, who is caught up in the free interplay of virtual, endlessly reproducible signs inducing a state of consciousness similar to schizophrenia.”

Lately i found on the sofa two remixes of I Need a Freak by Sexual Harrassment, i didn't know it but everybody seemed to do, so I thought that it had to be a cult. Listening to it i realized that the refrain recalled me Antonín Dvořák's New World Symphony, genre and age totally different.
But let's go back to the remixes:
in the first one Dvořák' sample is lost and SH's vocal is kept a little low as it is just a citation in a new structure, cognate to the original, but nearer to the present taste

the second one recovers Dvořák and raises the stakes using a sample from My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas that used a sample of SH's track. It uses also a further sample in it but this is another story...

Sexual Harrasment - I need A Freak (Salon Acapulco My Humps Edit)

That said I'm going to freak out a bit.

31 August 2012

Black Strobe - White Gospel Blues (Museum Remix)

Full moon tonight, and not a simple one, a blue one.
They call it like that when it’s the second full moon in a month.
It happens once in 32 monthes.
And actually the moon won’t even look blue (chromatically)...
Maybe I can use this "incredible" news to justify the awful mood is tormenting me today...   and I can post that gloomy electro track i’ve kept for moments like this.

P.S. This post sucks, but the track rocks and it's Free Download.

28 August 2012

Sébastien Tellier - Cochon Ville [Das Moth Remix]

Everybody has a secret object of desire, a very private fantasy, something very difficult to get, maybe even impossible.
Cochon Ville video deals with that.
Das Moth Remix adds some spice to the story because you can listen to it but... you cannot have it (unless you live in Japan).     ;)

27 August 2012

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Eleven:Eleven Remix)

This track contains some kind of paradox.
The original has been quite a hit five years ago, so that you recall it as something you knew since long , but that sounds still pretty fresh to your ears.
The remix treatment renews the sound using retro synth pop patterns.
In conclusion if you pick a not-so-new thing and you rearrange it in an old school way the result can be surprising.

17 August 2012

Erika Spring - Happy At Your Gate (Aeroplane Remix)

He looks at the time, he checks the board.
Is it the right gate? Yes.
Hopes his hair is tidy. Hopes she won’t notice that damned little hole on his T-Shirt. Her favorite one.
He needs a cig. Smoking is forbidden in this area. No time to go out now.
She will be there in three minutes. She will be there in one minute.
She is in his arms, for the first time, now.

Here's the end of the story:

10 August 2012

Matan Arkin - Supernova

It’s the weekend of falling stars.
So we will all make probably a wish, if it happens that we see one.
Even if it’s just a silly superstitious game.
What makes me appreciate this practice it’s that one has to be very quick, no time to think about it, you just have to pick your most urgent wish from inside, no filters, no lies. And no, you can’t decide it in advance!
The result is often surprising, I don’t think that a meteor could help to fulfill my wish, but for sure this game helps me find out what my keenest desire is.

This is the right track for a night walk towards your favorite place to star-gazing.

07 August 2012

I'm Not A Band - Woody

The rain sings always the same song.

The first drops start with an undetectable ticking that suddenly grows becoming faster and stronger, then you can hear running feet and some stifled yelp until the great roaring arrives.

She knows this song by heart, cause she lives in the street, but she doesn’t like rain.
When it rains her master leave her reclined in her tiny velvet box, unable to make any move.

She watches people from there, dreaming the day she will be able to get up by herself and run away on her little wooden legs...

Here's the end of the story:

06 August 2012

Hi Fashion - Amazing

Easy-going and teasing, this track is a tiny and puckish hymn about self-esteem and sexual freedom.
Have you ever thought that often who pulls you down is just trying to have your attention?
So don't let them put you off and just keep being amazing.
Whatever you are.

04 August 2012

MagicHour - White Sun Re-Vision

Precious track that interweaves very different genres and disparate sounds into a florid music lace.
Evocative lyrics, distorted vocals, a build up that turns the vibrancy of soul into the enthusiasm of synthpop, all tied together by a thread of electronic brightness.

01 August 2012

Android Automatic - Electric Nights

Midsummer night, the air is full of rainy promises.
She runs a plastic comb through her thin hair, nervously.
What an awful idea! Now she looks like a mad scientist more than a sophisticated lady.
Nylon stockings, tiny acrylic dress, every move she makes generates a waterfall of sparks.
Ding dong the doorbell rings: “Damn he’s here already!”...

Here’s the end of the story:

30 July 2012

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Stronger (Flying Horse Disco Bootleg)

Strength is the ability to do something that takes a huge amount of energy for a very limited period of time.
With  endurance  you'll  be  able  to  repeat  a less  intense effort many times without getting tired.
While  at  the  gym  you  can  control  which  one  you  need,  out,   in  the  real world, you never know whether  you'll  need  strength or endurance to complete everyday tasks.
This is why you should build your routine around both elements.
Don't just focus on one.
As far as I am concerned,  I would get to  the bottom of the matter  while listening to this surprising bootleg, sweating on the sofa.

28 July 2012

Poolside - Take Me Home

Where is my home?
It’s not where I was born (that was in a hospital), it’s not where I grew up (that is my past). It isn’t where my mother language is spoken (that’s my family) nor where my stuff is stored up (a couple of cellars here and there).
My home is not where my heart is (inside my chest ??? Oh come on!) and it’s not so sweet... but it’s so comfy!

25 July 2012

The Egg - Catch (Original Mix and The C90s Remix)

Have you ever received a tongue-twister as a declaration of love?
Poems and flowers are so outdated...
Maybe you needed something like that to realize that he/she is your good catch.     ;)

22 July 2012

biB - Sofa on the Beach

Here's the podcast of my gig on the beach. Enjoy! :)

Midnight Magic - Drop Me A Line
Gigamesh - Dont Stop (Original Mix)
Ornette - Crazy (Noze Remix Extended Club Version)
Montevideo - Horses (Zimmer Remix)
We Have Band - Where Are Your People (Aashton & Swift Remix)
Gucci Vump - Feeling (Original Mix)
Sam Sparro - Happiness (The Magician Remix)
Theatre Of Delays - Journey To The Sun
Golden Bug - Sex Beat (Gemini Club Remix)
Miike Snow - Paddling Out (Penguin Prison Remix)
Skye - Whats wrong with me (Phoniques Vocal Remix)
Box Codax - Seven Silvers (Rodion Remix)
YACHT - I Walked Alone (Get A Room! Remix)
Hypnolove - Mademoiselle (Notic Nastic Remix)
Kavinsky Feat. Lovefoxxx - Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)
WhoMadeWho - Inside World (Detone Mix)
Staygold - Backseat (Rimer London Remix)

20 July 2012

Theatre Of Delays - Journey To The Sun

Things you won't need in that kind of trip:

1) passport
2) credit card
3) photo camera
4) toothbrush
5) return ticket

Travel light, meet yourself.

16 July 2012

Bufi - Dogs & Demons

Warm and bouncy, spacey and funky specimen of nu-disco.
Loyal and easy like a dog, naughty and mocking like a demon.
Mexican pedigree.

14 July 2012

Montevideo - Horses (Zimmer Remix)

Horses can sleep while standing.
Horses remeber everything.
Horses are unpredictable,
creatures of habit and adorable.
Horses are like human beings:
if you take them by the head
they are prisoners and glad.

13 July 2012

Mercury - Candlelight feat. Robert Owens

There are complicated days in the life of a girl...